Hi, Julia here.

I'm a certified canine nutritionist & also the founder of MyPet and Canine India.

Let's talk about why you're here.

Are you looking to build a better diet for your pet but feel stuck and can’t figure it out? Is your pet dealing with health issues and you want to help them heal in the most natural way possible?

If you don’t want to go for medication and processed foods, or just want to get to know your pet inside out, I am here for that!


Here’s what to expect

Once you pick your consultation and complete the booking here, for the mail option you will be redirected to a Questionnaire about your pet where you can give me as much information as you choose so I have all the info to get working on my report for you!

This report will include a basic guidance on how your pets’ body works and how to fuel it ideally as well as how the nutrients work in the body so we can build a dynamic and individual diet step by step at a pace that fits you and your lifestyle.

If you picked an Audio- or Video Option you will shortly receive an invite for the conversation from me after which I will send you a summary of our conversations complete with elaborations and additionally requested information or questions.

Any follow up questions will be addressed per mail.

If you'd like to take a peek at my writing style, you can read my blogs here and you can also find me talking about all things pet nutrition on our YouTube channel here.


What you’re not getting upfront: a diet chart

I do not send out diet charts but I am happy to help you understand a chart you received or want to evolve.

My focus is on assisting you in understanding how your pets’ body works and how food and health are interconnected.

Ultimately the goal of this consultation is to help YOU build a dynamic diet and be able to adapt it according to your pet's evolving requirements.

You will be able to rely on your own knowledge of your furry friend, rather than having to rush to your vet or call the nutritionist at every hurdle or reaction.


About the Audio & Video call option

If you’d like to talk to me before I share the assessment, you can pick the Audio or Video call + email assessment to schedule a 30-minute slot to get to know me better and vice versa!

*Kindly note that all consultations are non-refundable. However, you can reschedule your Audio or Video call once, should the need arise.

Please give me 7 working days to share my assessment via email as I try to be as detailed as possible.

If you have follow-up questions, I am happy to answer those upto 30 days post sending the report so you’re not alone in starting on this new journey of health and happiness!

Please be aware that an all vegetarian diet can’t be species appropriate but together we can find ways that work for you, to incorporate some protein into your pet’s diet.

For any questions about the process, you can drop me an email at julia.harish@canineindia.in

MyConsultation Pricing & Inclusions


Per Consultation



Detailed email assessment

30 days Follow-up support

₹500 Canine India voucher

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Per Consultation

Video + Email


30 mins video call

Detailed email assessment

30 days Follow-up support

₹500 Canine India voucher

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Per Conversation

Talk to Julia

Have a question regarding your pet’s health or a meat-based diet but don’t want to go for a full diet assessment yet? Then this is for you!


30 mins audio call

1 follow-up email

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Note: 'Talk to Julia’ does not include a full diet consultation. This call is to answer any specific questions you may have regarding your pet’s health concerns or about pet nutrition in general.

Each consultation is eligible for ₹500 voucher redeemable at www.canineindia.in

The voucher will be shared with you via email along with the detailed assessment.